Monday, February 28, 2005

Go Club needs $$$!

Attention all members!
Because of the upcomming golf tournament, all clubs must donate either a team or a gift basket. The team is 4 people, and it costs $90 per person, so we will go with the gift basket. That will be less expensive, but it still requires money. Thus, we ask for a $1 donation from all members to help defray our expenses (since our club doens't have a budget). Thank you for donating!

PS Of course, you could donate more than just $1 if you would like...

Your Vice President,
Bo He

Monday, February 21, 2005

Some News

Not much news recently, but here's something somewhat interesting. A computer has finally solved all the optimal plays, opening moves, and outcomes on a 5x5 Go board. Now remember, the full size board is 19x19, so since a simple 5x5 solution made headlines, it shows you just how complex Go is. Game on!

Also, don't forget that our first major, state tournament of the year is coming up sometime in May. If you haven't received a flyer / sign-up form yet, ask us at the next meeting. It contains some basic information about the tournament.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


On Friday, the club will host a school inclusive tournament for our quarty reports. So, go support!

Also, it appears that the 2nd Annual California High School Tournament will be help in the upcoming months. May 1st, 2005 looks like the current tentative date.

The California High School Tournament will have 3 19x19 boards and 2 13x13 boards competing.

Here is an image of our team last year:

Have fun guys!

EDIT: Allen, you bum, resize the pictures to a width of 400 next time or you'll kill the sidebar again!
- Jason